Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have to start out by saying...I LOVE Julie Royal... AKA Foster Babe.
She is amazing. This goddess is responsible for saving hundreds of dogs
and cats from certain death. She will FOSTER litters of puppies and
kittens,seniors, crippled..whatever. Did I mention she also has her own
Real Estate business. This woman is such a ROCK STAR..

I got an e-mail over the weekend from a rescue group that I work with in Alabama
They were in desperate need of fosters and other rescues. You
see, they had over 90..that's right (90) puppies that needed to be out
of the shelter by Monday, not a lot of notice hmmm. They had to make room for 50 animals that were coming in from a CRUELTY case. SIDE NOTE...I hate most people, OK,
I digress. I immediately call Jules too see if perhaps she had room at HER Inn..ha. She, as
usual without hesitation, said "SURE" I can take a couple of litters.

She drove to the SPCA in Tampa to meet the transport that was coming from Alabama. She took 2 litters, a total of seven pups. They are all so damn cute.Anyone interested in adopting one of these little guys, please contact me, and I can hook you up with FOSTER BABE..Thank you for everything you do Julie, you are a Guardian Angel for the animals.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This just in folks....if you have a perfectly fabulous pet, and you just
wake up one day and decide they are no longer worthy of living out the
rest of their lives with can just toss them away "LIKE SO
MANY RAGS"..I just don't understand, I never will. How do you throw
your family away? I wish I could just make people understand that
animals have the same emotions as humans..they love, mourn, feel pain,
loss, you name it..I think the only emotions they don't share would be
revenge or hatred. My first example is this absolutely stunning Persian. I don't have his name, I just know he's 2 years old neutered, and declawed. His owners think he is too jealous of a niece that comes over on occasion, this is frigging
If anyone is interested, e-mail me and I will get
more details. Next up is 2 gorgeous Seal Point Siamese sisters...Coco
and Cashmere....ohhh such classy names.. 3 year old sisters, declawed
and spayed. Another tragedy. Again, anyone interested in providing a
FOREVER home for these lovely kitties, please contact me..I have to go
throw up now.. writing this blog LITERALLY made me sick.....

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I find it so dejecting that dogs love humans with their whole heart. No
judgement, no prejudice,they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.
Yet, humans don't even come close to reciprocation. I watched a really good example of this last night. Please check out this articleThis group of dogs have saved over 70 HUMAN LIVES this year amazing is that? Would we do the same for them?

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog."

Remember this..A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


What can I say..I am thoroughly disgusted with
this loser. Yea, I know..innocent until proven guilty, whatever... There is already talk of him copping a plea.I
suppose the thing that bothers me the most would be that clearly Vick
just gets off on torturing and watching dogs kill each other. It's
certainly not about the money. This is a very twisted individual. I'm
so looking forward to him loosing EVERYTHING. I hope it was worth it ASSHOLE!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Dog advocates unleashed

There's wide agreement that most dogs
should be spayed and neutered. But who should make that decision -- the
state, the city, the owners, a selected kind of owner or the dog
itself? All this week, BillHemby and Daniel Guss debate California's kaninekulturkampf.

Today, Guss, founder of Stop Torture Abuse & Neglect of Dogs, discusses the stymied "California Healthy Pets Act" with Hemby, founder of PetPAC. Later in the week, they'll debate pit-bull deprogramming, muscle-dog culture and more.

Don't listen to the profiteers -- mandatory spay-neuter now!
By Daniel Guss

What a great way to start the week: I am a volunteer humane advocate going
against you, Bill, a paid lobbyist and profiteering dog breeder allied
with a PR firm that unsuccessfully defended Big Tobacco and fought
against a living wage law. Birds of a feather, readers!

And now, here's the scoop:

Millions of dogs and cats are killed every year in the United States. I'm
talking about really sweet, please-rub-my-belly pets, including small
ones and purebreds.

Who could say we're doing right by the animals?

Imagine their millions of bodies spread out over Yankee Stadium or the Rose
Bowl, 100 feet deep. This happens every year, as far back as records
are kept. Some image, right? Society used to drown them enmasse. Now they're injected with poison without so much as a sedative to soothe their nerves.

This mountain of death irrefutably proves that humans have failed animals miserably.

Historically and correctly, government does its best work after people create -- and
can't solve -- alarming, preventable tragedies like this. The time for
mandatory spay-neuter laws is now.

In 1984, New York passed the nation's first seat belt
laws because we killed ourselves on the roads at an alarming,
preventable rate. Every state now has seat belt laws, and DUI laws,
because we couldn't stop the killing on our own.

Should the free market decide these things? See how your insurance company reacts if
you get popped for a DUI. Call them and say you won't buckle up. These
laws helped reduce the slaughter.

Likewise, because dogs and cats can't beg for mercy, governments are now actively
considering mandatory spay/neuter laws at the behest of animal shelter directors,
workers and veterinarians, as well as police departments, animal
rescuers and citizens fed up with needless killing of good dogs and cats.

My friends devote their lives to saving animals, enduring
enormous personal and financial sacrifice. Hundreds of daily e-mails
pass among them, desperate to save "Coco" or "Lucky" from being dragged
on a rope or pole, and killed on a cold steel table or concrete floor
reeking of the dog or cat killed there minutes earlier.

Not once have I seen an e-mail response from a breeder, puppy mill or pet store
saying that they will save these animals' lives. It would mean one less
family to which they could sell a puppy or kitten at a profit. These
profiteers not only fail to help, they are now frantic to stop those of
us who are demanding a change.

Who do you trust? Those who sacrifice or those who profit?

With some common sense exemptions, like for police dogs, the time for
mandatory spay-neuter has arrived. (See Assembly Bill 1634, at The bill even gives breeders multiple
exemptions, but still they are indignant because saving shelter animals
shrinks their customer base.

So when you see someone foaming at
the mouth about mandatory spay-neuter, ask them how many shelter
animals they've saved lately, if ever.

Mandatory spay-neuter is the only solution. Believe those of us who sacrifice, not others who profit.

Monday, August 13, 2007


It seems as though everyday I get an e-mail, phone call, or read about
someone needing to GET RID of their beloved pet. It's the same old
excuse, people are either moving, have just discovered they have
allergies, have children, or this is my favorite(ya know I'm just
really tired of cleaning up all of the hair) after, I might add having
this cat for 11 years. What the hell is that? How heartless can someone
get? This is something I just cannot tolerate.

This story has an excellent ending, but started out quite the contrary. I got a phone
call from a woman that needed to GET RID of her dog ASAP. She had
originally RESCUED Leo as a puppy(big joke)and kept him outside tied to
a tree. Leo was stolen about 3 months after she got him. She had given
up hope of ever getting him back, and even(RESCUED) 2 other small dogs
from Hurricane Katrina. One night she had a dream that Leo was in the
local dog shelter, so she woke up the next morning and went straight to
Manatee Animal Services...low and behold Leo was in fact there. The woman was elated, so much so that she decided to put Leo right back outside tied to the same tree. ARE YOU STILL WITH ME? OK,
she decides she can't handle 3 dogs and it's not fair to Leo, because
the other 2 KATRINA dogs live in the house, and he always looks so sad
that he cannot be a part of the group.The woman decides to give Leo to
some friends? make a long story short, the woman gets a
phone call from Animal Services, guess what? Leo is back. They knew
this because he was micro-chipped from his previous stint in the
shelter. She of course goes down and retrieves Leo. Back to the tree
Leo goes..WTF? She FINALLY decides to do the right thing and call me, the fabulous animal goddess...ha ha I didn't hesitate, I went the next day to pick up the precious Leo. Can I just tell you, what a phenomenal
dog. Derek was back to his fostering duties! He had him for about six
weeks, then we found the perfect family for Leo. SCORE BABY!!!

I just received pictures from his new family, they are so crazy about
him. He now has a sister (DIXIE)the fabulous pitbull, they are the best of friends. oh, and guess what?.....................

HIS LIFE!!!! Thank you Samantha and Derek..

Sunday, August 12, 2007



1. When you adopt me, remember that my life is likely to last 15 to 20 years. Please don't forsake me, any separation from you is painful.

2. Please give me time to understand what it is you want from me. Change can be more difficult for me than for you.

3. Please don't be angry with me for a long time, and don't lock me up alone as punishment. You have your human family, your friends, your entertainment and I ONLY HAVE YOU!!!

4. Please trust me and help me to trust you . . . it is crucial for mine as well as your well being.

5. Talk to me . . . even if you think I don't understand your words I understand your voice and love when you speak to me and stroke me.

6. Don't ever hit me! Remember that I have teeth and claws and could easily hurt you but I choose not to bite and scratch you because I love you.

7. Be aware, that however you treat me, I WILL NEVER FORGET!!!

8. Before you scold me for being uncooperative or bad, ask yourself if maybe something is wrong and there is another reason for my behavior. Perhaps I am sick, hot, old or just plain tired, frustrated and weak. PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE ME AND PUT YOURSELF IN MY PLACE.

9. Please take care of me when I get old and don't abandon me, for you too will grow old. Please notice when I am ill because I need you to take me to the vet for help when I am ill just as you need to see a doctor.

10. Go with me on the most difficult journeys. Never say, "I can't bear to watch" or "Do it when I leave" because I need you with me even at the end of my journeys. Please always do what is best for me even if it is unbearable for you to do so because I love you and trust that you will DO WHAT IS BEST FOR ME.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I have been totally remiss in my blogging duties.."AGAIN"..I promise I will start my blogging on a regular basis..please don't hate me..I've been busy saving lives....