Monday, May 19, 2008


OOPS...I did it again! I cant seem to help myself from Saving GEORGIA dogs, I think it must be the whole gassing, shooting, drowning thing...especially puppies. My GOD they are so frigging BARBARIC. It costs too much for them to HUMANELY EUTHANIZE! I am thrilled that the word is getting out on GEORGIA'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET!
Myself and Derek embarked on a FABULOUS road trip to HOT-LANTA to save what was originally supposed to be 4 puppies. How the hell we ended up bringing 13 back...I'll never know..oh yes I do... they were all scheduled to be GASSED.. not on my watch.

These precious babies were just pitiful. We had three mange puppies,that were severely underweight, three feral puppies covered in DEER TICKS, 6 HUGE black puppies that were very neglected and also covered in ticks big enough to be an appetizer.YIKES..and finally the little American Bulldog, which was the main reason for going to Georgia.

We have had great success with getting them adopted. Of the 13, 9 have found wonderful homes. If you are interested in adopting one of the remaining 4 please go to our PETFINDER link. They are all so sweet and loving. They for sure know they were saved.