Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This just in folks....if you have a perfectly fabulous pet, and you just
wake up one day and decide they are no longer worthy of living out the
rest of their lives with can just toss them away "LIKE SO
MANY RAGS"..I just don't understand, I never will. How do you throw
your family away? I wish I could just make people understand that
animals have the same emotions as humans..they love, mourn, feel pain,
loss, you name it..I think the only emotions they don't share would be
revenge or hatred. My first example is this absolutely stunning Persian. I don't have his name, I just know he's 2 years old neutered, and declawed. His owners think he is too jealous of a niece that comes over on occasion, this is frigging
If anyone is interested, e-mail me and I will get
more details. Next up is 2 gorgeous Seal Point Siamese sisters...Coco
and Cashmere....ohhh such classy names.. 3 year old sisters, declawed
and spayed. Another tragedy. Again, anyone interested in providing a
FOREVER home for these lovely kitties, please contact me..I have to go
throw up now.. writing this blog LITERALLY made me sick.....

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I am carolyn a Vet Technician/Cat Sitter said...

HI, I am a Cat sitter and vet tech in Sarasota. I like this post and wish to post on on my blog as well.
I was told about you through Rick at puffy paws.
I donate money from my clients to the Cat Depot here is Sarasota. This is something new I am doing this year. I have a few ferals where I live that I have done TNR on. Can we link blogs?
Here is my cat sitting website as well.
I would like to do an article on your show on my blog for exposure for you and these pets.
Lets talk.