Monday, August 13, 2007


It seems as though everyday I get an e-mail, phone call, or read about
someone needing to GET RID of their beloved pet. It's the same old
excuse, people are either moving, have just discovered they have
allergies, have children, or this is my favorite(ya know I'm just
really tired of cleaning up all of the hair) after, I might add having
this cat for 11 years. What the hell is that? How heartless can someone
get? This is something I just cannot tolerate.

This story has an excellent ending, but started out quite the contrary. I got a phone
call from a woman that needed to GET RID of her dog ASAP. She had
originally RESCUED Leo as a puppy(big joke)and kept him outside tied to
a tree. Leo was stolen about 3 months after she got him. She had given
up hope of ever getting him back, and even(RESCUED) 2 other small dogs
from Hurricane Katrina. One night she had a dream that Leo was in the
local dog shelter, so she woke up the next morning and went straight to
Manatee Animal Services...low and behold Leo was in fact there. The woman was elated, so much so that she decided to put Leo right back outside tied to the same tree. ARE YOU STILL WITH ME? OK,
she decides she can't handle 3 dogs and it's not fair to Leo, because
the other 2 KATRINA dogs live in the house, and he always looks so sad
that he cannot be a part of the group.The woman decides to give Leo to
some friends? make a long story short, the woman gets a
phone call from Animal Services, guess what? Leo is back. They knew
this because he was micro-chipped from his previous stint in the
shelter. She of course goes down and retrieves Leo. Back to the tree
Leo goes..WTF? She FINALLY decides to do the right thing and call me, the fabulous animal goddess...ha ha I didn't hesitate, I went the next day to pick up the precious Leo. Can I just tell you, what a phenomenal
dog. Derek was back to his fostering duties! He had him for about six
weeks, then we found the perfect family for Leo. SCORE BABY!!!

I just received pictures from his new family, they are so crazy about
him. He now has a sister (DIXIE)the fabulous pitbull, they are the best of friends. oh, and guess what?.....................

HIS LIFE!!!! Thank you Samantha and Derek..

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