Friday, May 01, 2009

Hair of the Dog!

After a long, hot day there's nothing better than throwing back a few cold beers with some good friends. And if you ever thought about toasting a brew with your very best friend - I say go ahead and let your pooch get his drink on!

Okay, before you start emptying a Michelob Ultra into your pup's bowl - remember that human beers are not safe for dogs. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that your pooch has to be left out of the party!

Phoenix-based husband, wife, and daughter team, Bob, Jenny, and Jessica Brown have created a premium beef-flavored beer that your pooch can finally wrap his paw around. In January 2007 the Brown's began making a peanut butter flavored pretzel treat for their 3 busy dogs, Chewy, Casey, and Dax. After creating the perfect snack, named Spoiled Rotten Dog Treats, they pondered the perfect drink. "Then it hit me," Brown said. "What goes best with pretzels but beer?
The Brown's set out to create the ultimate liquid refreshment for their beloved dogs.

The following month their Bowser Beer had sold out at the Super Pet Expo in Virginia. After looking for manufacturers, 3 Busy Dogs settled on a Florida company.

Bowser Beer is a non-carbonated, non-alcoholic (someone's gotta be the designated walker) beer made especially for your pup. The ale starts with artesian water and choice malted barley. It's brewed in 500-gallon copper kettles and features all-natural beef drippings. Plus, it's fortified with glucosamine and vitamin e (as if beer isn't healthy enough on its own).
The beer sells for $19.95 a six-pack and is available on the Company's website.
For an extra charge, beer labels can be custom made with a picture of the customer's pet.(What an awesome gift idea) Color me there... CHEERS FLOPPY EARS!!! Available at

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