Saturday, May 02, 2009

Only the Lonely...Can Play

Okay, we know that if we were really well adjusted, mature individuals we'd be happy to spend time alone - enjoying our own company and thoughts...but after about ten minutes of alone time we quickly realize that our thoughts are mostly that we want company.

Let's face it, we're social animals and so are our pups. But while most people can entertain themselves by spending a few hours in front of the tube, it's not like your pooch is hooked on who Bret Michaels will kick off next (no, I'm not ashamed of loving "Rock of Love" - okay, maybe a little).

The point is that no one likes saying goodbye to those big, sad puppy dog eyes but in today's world of the single pet parent or the two working pet parents, we sometimes have to leave our pets alone. Luckily, there are several ways to keep a latch-key puppy free from daily boredom and separation anxiety.

Help your Fur Kid beat the boredom by providing plenty of toys so that he can play while you're away. Experts suggest rotating the toys so they keep their appeal. Interactive toys are especially good for providing mental stimulation.

Dog Tornado Puzzle
This Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado will challenge your dog! There are four layers to this turning spinning puzzle! Each layer has a cutout on each side. The top layer is the cover. Each additional layer has 4 insets for you to put treats in. All of these layers turn. Your dog has to line the cutouts up with the insets to get the treats out! Available at: Best Friends General Store

Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude
Busy Buddy toys is a line of chew toys for dogs, designed to "keep your pet busy with good things to chew!" Each Busy Buddy™ toy is made with a different and unique chewing experience in mind and helps redirect potentially destructive chewing behavior into positive playtime. The Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude features a random bounce and treat dispensing, making this a fun toy your dog will play with over and over. Available at: Smart Pak Canine

Hide-A-Bee Plush Puzzle
The Hide-A-Bee Puzzle Plush is a plush toy in the shape of a bee hive with three 2-1/2" diameter holes in it. It comes with three squeaker bees (about 5" long) that you hide inside the hive. Your dog's mission--and we think he'll decide to accept it--is to stalk those buzzy bees and pull them out of the holes in the hive.
Available at: Lucy The Wonder Dog

These toys are designed to challenge your dog, stimulate its problem solving ability and an outlet for its energy. These Brain Activity toys/games are easy to get out and fun to use for both you and your dog. Don't leave your other pets out of the fun these are great for cats, rats, and all pets. Remember, these are interactive and NOT a chew toy.

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