Monday, February 26, 2007


I am happy to give two new updates. First is the lovely DAISY. I got so
incredibly lucky on this one. My friend "Julie Royal" called me up a
couple of month's ago and informed me that her niece saw Daisy on the website and had to meet her. I arranged a meeting, and it was "Love at first sight" Courtney has now had Daisy a couple of month's and she is doing great. Courtney takes Daisy pretty much everywhere, which is wonderful. Even though I miss my girl, I know she is very happy. I will be arranging a play date in the very near future, remember Daisy is my little angel Shakespeare's mama. Please go see Courtney if you are looking for a fabulous hairdresser. She works at NUOVO Whole Foods Centre Sarasota. Next up is GEORGE. Derek ended up fostering him for about 6 weeks, and after interviewing several potential families, we finally found the perfect home. George's new mom Joanna, is a Mental Health Therapist for Sun coast Behavioral Medicine. She takes George to work with her daily, and he is able to socialize with Joanna's patients, and from what I understand he is doing a fabulous job. I am so proud of my Good BOY GEORGE! So there you have it....two happy endings for two very well deserving angels.

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