Monday, February 05, 2007


Hello Animal Lovers. I must share my very recent experience on MYSPACE. You see, up until a couple of month's ago, I, in fact, was a MYSPACE VIRGIN. I decided to make a profile and use it to promote my Pet Adoption Show. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I had a friend walk me through the process of "PIMPING OUT" my myspace. I had a blast choosing my layout. The photobucket copy and paste deal, you can really get creative. Then I go on to learning the friend process. My sole purpose for being on myspace is helping animals, I have found that it is a tremendous networking tool. I immediately joined several Animal Rescue Groups. I was amazed and flattered at the number of people from all around the world that requested me as a friend. I am now up to 51 friends. The funny thing is that I only personally know maybe 7. How crazy is that!? I get these "HAVE A GREAT DAY" messages from complete strangers. I suppose the Esprit de corps is that all of my "friends" love animals, which is a beautiful thing. Let me just say, these Animal Rescue Groups on Myspace are raising money and saving thousands of animals lives. So my point to this blog is...Myspace is not just for pedophiles, bands, and teenagers.

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