Friday, February 02, 2007


I was recently out with a few friends and we decided to go KARIOKE SLUMMING. There are several dive bars in Sarasota that have FABULOUS Karioke. We decided on "THE CRACKER JACK". Now some of you may or may not know that someone was actually SHOT in there a few months ago, so clearly we were insane for even considering this place. We get there around 11:00 and the place is packed. Some guy was up singing "REBEL YELL", he actually wasn't half bad. Anyhoo, I saunter up to the bar to get a drink, while waiting I look over at a group of people gathering around what looked to be some type of gaming machine. These people were getting really excited, so me being the inquisitive one, decide to go check it out. I finally get a peek, and was absolutely horrified to see it was a LOBSTER TANK, with LIVE LOBSTERS. It is set up like one of those machines with stuffed animals, you know the one where the big CLAW comes down. For $1 you get a chance to "WIN" a lobster. I find this disgraceful. What the hell is some bored drunk going to do with a LIVE LOBSTER? I feel the LOBSTER GAME is an unfortunate example of our culture at large. As the saying goes,"Idle hands are the Devils workshop". I will be contacting several of my Animal Rights peeps, to see what can be done about this repulsive game.

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